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holistic healing

As she assists you in your healing, Mary Louise Hayes calls on:

  • medical intuition,
  • energy healing,
  • spiritual healing, and
  • holistic healing.

Noel C. Nowicki, M.D., P.A., at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in East Orange, New Jersey, speaks about Medical Intuitive Mary Louise:

"I am a physician that practices acupuncture, which involves balancing energies. We are a composite of mass and energies that interface in what we call health.

"Our imbalances set up what we call illness.

"I have my own way of discovering these imbalances but when faced with a challenging case or an enigma, I do not send them to the Mayo Clinic but to Mary Louise Hayes."

Through holistic healing Mary Louise will assist you in discovering the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical imbalances co-contributing to your dis-ease or dys-function.

Nationally Recognized Medical Intuitive

Mary Louise received recognition as a medical intuitive and energy healer by the respected physician Dr. Christiane Northrup in "Health Wisdom For Women."

As a medical intuitive, Mary Louise is able to read the energetics of the physical body.

"Thanks again for your enlightening session, it was
truly helpful." ...W.B.

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Energy Healing

As a healing energy channel, Mary Louise is able to assist her client in opening to his or her own healing energy. Holistic healing can occur because energy transformation causes shifts at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Her clients talk about her:

"Our session today was very energizing in a loving, caring way." ...B.M.

"Thank you for sharing your love and skills, it has made a difference in my life." ...F.G.

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Spiritual Growth Coach

As a spiritual growth coach, Mary Louise is able to assist her client in opening his or her Heart to the Heart and Will of God, aligning personality with Soul Essence.

"Mary Louise has helped me to relax and see/experience things differently." ...F.S.

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About Mary Louise
And Her Path To Holistic Healing

Mary Louise's own journey toward becoming a holistic healer encompassed a near death experience, continued healing from fibromyalgia, and a deep opening and surrender to the Heart of God through the grace of Divine Mother.

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